Application Development

Geeks On The Way can now offer our clients a web-based solution for contact management, invoice processing and accounting.

We developed this system for Geeks On The Way to make our contact management and appointment booking available to all of our technicians through the web. We added customized portions to let the technicians in each city see their schedules at a glance. Then we added a section to allow us to process invoices and collect payment through the internet. Once this has been done the invoices get automatically entered into our accounting system. See flowchart

We are using for the contact management system and for the accounting system. Both of these are open source software and thus allow you to customize them relatively easily. The online invoicing system is a custom program we devised to be a bridge between the booking of calls and the actual accounting system.

Using our knowledge and expertise gained during the implementation at our company, we can offer our clients a customized solution at a relatively low cost.