August 2018 Newsletter

Backup Your Photos with Google Photos

Nowadays the ability to take pictures, videos and screenshots have never been easier, and most of us take it for granted. Having said that, has a picture perfect moment ever been ruined by a notification on your phone that your memory is full? What about endless scrolling, trying to find a picture that you took last year on vacation to show a friend? Or that recipe you found on Pinterest that you saved a screenshot of?
Google Photos not only backup all your photos but it also has an automatic organization feature which enables various search functions. In addition, it has seamless backups and fun tools like creating GIFs, and adding custom effects. You’ll never run out of space on your phone with Google Photos. For more information on Google Photos, click here.

Back to School Tech Guide

There are just a few short weeks left of Summer holidays. Many parents have already been eagerly purchasing school supplies and clothes for returning back to school. Why not make it fun and add some new tech gadgets to ease everyone back into their fall routine? We’ve found some great budget friendly choices. Click here to see view our top picks.

How to Buy a Laptop

Buying a new laptop for yourself or a loved can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve searched online or browsed through flyers and recalled words like Processor, HDD, GHz, SSD, Nvidia, i5 or Dual Core, and it left you raising an eyebrow in confusion – you’re not alone! There are several factors to consider when investing in a new laptop. We’d like to give you some tips to help you choose the right one based on your needs. Click here to see your options.

Unlimited Remote Support Package

For only $35.00 + tax/month* per computer, our Unlimited Residential Support Package provides you with as many remote support appointments a month as you need, 24/7 computer health monitoring, and antivirus protection. It means that you never have to worry about wasting time or feeling frustrated over computer issues again. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

Whenever there’s a problem just let us know and we’ll have a technician log in as quickly as possible. For more information on our monthly unlimited remote package and how our service works, please click here.

*6 month minimum commitment

How Can We Help?

We’re here seven days a week to assist you with your computer problems. Contact us at 1-800-875-5017 or via email at [email protected] to set up a time with one of our service technicians for your residential computer needs. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and online at