January 2017 Newsletter

Best Apps To Help Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, eat healthier, get organized, or save more money, there is an app out there that will help you stick to your goals and not give up. We’ve put together a list of some favourite apps and websites to keep you on track for 2017. These simple to use sites can be accessed from your computer or your smartphone so there are no excuses this year! For more details on the best apps to keep to your New Year’s Resolutions, click here: http://www.geeksontheway.com/best-apps-to-help-keep-those-new-years-resolutions.html

Start Using Google Assistant Now

Google Assistant is Google’s answer to Siri or Cortana. But unlike it’s competitors it can engage in two-way conversation with the user, making it a more sophisticated smartphone assistant to use. It will still help you find directions, check the weather, make notes, and look up information for you but it does so in a conversational way unlike Siri or Cortana. If you’d like to see how Google Assistant works or if you’d like to start using it, please click here: http://www.geeksontheway.com/start-using-google-assistant-now.html

Hype App – What You Need To Know

Hype is the newest app out that will let you take pictures, screen share and chat with friends, and create videos to share with your followers. It has no shortage of “snapchat” like filters to play around with and options to customize your video and screen. It’s a sparkly way to stay in touch and keep your friends up to date on everything you’re up to. For more details on how to use and download this new app, click here: http://www.geeksontheway.com/hype-app-what-you-need-to-know.html

Make Your New Year’s Resolution To Keep Your Computer In Tip Top Shape!

If you’re looking to stay organized and on top of all your computer issues in 2017 then look no further than our Unlimited Remote Support Service. For only $29.00 + tax/month* per computer, our Unlimited Residential Support Package provides you with as many remote support appointments a month as you need, 24/7 computer health monitoring, and antivirus protection. It means that you never have to worry about wasting time or feeling frustrated over computer issues again. Whenever there’s a problem just let us know and we’ll have a technician log in as quickly as possible. For more information on our monthly unlimited remote package and how our service works, please click here:  http://www.geeksontheway.com/unlimited-residential-support-for-29-00-taxmonth-2.html

*6 month minimum commitment

How Can We Help?

We’re here seven days a week to assist you with your computer problems. Contact us at 1-800-875-5017 or via email at [email protected] to set up a time with one of our technicians. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and online at geeksontheway.com.