June 2018 Newsletter

Tips for Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi

It can be a relief when you open your phone in a restaurant, school, or perhaps in an airport’s lounge and you discovered that there is free Wi-Fi available, as it can save you money on your data plan. Most of us don’t think twice about connecting to public Wi-Fi, however, this can be very dangerous as hackers can view and record anything that you send like usernames, password, and credit card details.

One of the best ways to ensure safe surfing of the internet in a public space is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN; where you use the public connection to access a private connection. If this is not an option, then check whether the URL of the site you’re on starts with “http” or “https” with an image of a lock.

For sites with “Https”, the ‘s’ at the end of Https stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. If a site just uses plain old “http”, don’t type anything there you wouldn’t want a hacker to see.

Whenever possible, connect to public networks that have passwords available for you to use. Also, remember to turn off your file sharing network because you don’t know who is accessing your phone or PC in public areas. This will help keep your devices and information safer when you are not connected to your own secure network. Click here for more tips and information:



6 Ways to Make Your Old Phone Feel Like New

With technology changing so quickly, it seems as though there are always new and improved smartphones being released to entice people to upgrade or purchase. However, if you’re perfectly content with the phone you have, there are ways to make your old phone look and feel brand new without spending much money! Something as simple as replacing the protective glass or plastic screen, if its become scratched, worn or has peeled can make a big difference.

Cell phone cases come in hundreds of colors and styles for any personality type, and can be fairly inexpensive as well, so it’s cost effective to have a few on hand to change them regularly.

Over time, you may also be charging your phone more often, so swapping the battery for a new one will help give you more time between charges, just like when you first purchased it. We recommend that all battery or other internal changes are done by expert technicians to avoid damaging your phone. For more information, click here.



How to Create Reminders with Google

Have you ever forgotten an appointment, to make a phone call, to pick someone up? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone or something remind you? Google Home now offers us a veritable tool to create reminders. Here are some fun examples to see how you can create tasks using this new feature:

  • You’re now able to make commands like; “Hey, Google, remind me to take my family to the beach every Sunday evening”, or  “Hey, Google, remind me to order Mom’s birthday cake tomorrow”.
  • For better management of your reminders with Google Home, you could say; “Hey, Google, delete my reminder for the day” “Hey, Google, what are my reminders for today?”

Recently Google introduced the reminder option based on location. You can now create a location and time based reminder on your Google Home device

  • You make use of commands like; “Hey, Google, remind me to water the garden  when I get home.” or even “Hey, Google, remind me to buy gas when I get to the gas station.”

The location based reminders work with locations as the street address, home address, and popular stores. There is always a notification when it is time for your reminder on Google Home screen. Click here for more information regarding Google Home reminders.



Unlimited Remote Support Package
For only $35.00 + tax/month* per computer, our Unlimited Residential Support Package provides you with as many remote support appointments a month as you need, 24/7 computer health monitoring, and antivirus protection. It means that you never have to worry about wasting time or feeling frustrated over computer issues again. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

Whenever there’s a problem just let us know and we’ll have a technician log in as quickly as possible. For more information on our monthly unlimited remote package and how our service works, please click here: http://www.geeksontheway.com/unlimited-residential-support-for-35-00-taxmonth-2.html

*6 month minimum commitment

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