October 2018 Newsletter

Lenovo Smart Display: Google’s in the house

Just like other technologies, the smart speaker market is evolving and adding more features as it gains popularity. First, Amazon introduced its smart speaker Echo. Soon after, Google followed with Google Home. Manufacturers are coming out with new models of the smart speakers with screens! The new Lenovo Smart Display has been released with different display resolutions and is well integrated with Google’s applications and services such as Google Maps, Google Duo and Google Photos. It’s the only smart display currently integrated with the ever popular YouTube app, although they are still working on some of the subscription and playlist features. Discover more about the Lenovo Smart Display by clicking here.

iPhone and Android Cameras: The Best Apps

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, sometimes your default camera doesn’t quite do the things you’d like it to. Whether its editing your photos, embellishing your portrait pictures or even adjusting the color and saturation of your snapshots. We’ve researched a few apps that will help you take pictures like a pro!

Camera+ 2 is a great app that is very intuitive and enables you to control everything, ranging from exposure to ISO to shutter speed and even white balancing. There is also Snapseed, provided by Google, which is a great photo editor with a rich and vast array of options to fully enable you to get that perfect photo. Alternatively, Halide, Obscura 2 and ProCamera, allow you to interact differently with the photo editing modes. Each of them has varying degrees of control and usability, to know more click here.

Windows 10 October Update: The 10 Best New Features

Updates to your computer are vital for its security and overall functionality. This month’s update features some new additions that you may not be aware of. A new dark mode for windows, better integration with your android phone and the ability to send and receive photos and text messages using your PC. The search function in the bottom left corner has now been extended to answer simple questions like “How tall is Mount Everest?” directly in the menu. This new update also includes a Cloud clipboard, which enables you to use a shared clipboard history within your Windows 10 devices. To get your Geek on and check out these cool features, click here:

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