September 2018 Newsletter

Amazon Echo Show: A Screen of Possibilities

Another great product from Amazon that we’ve reviewed is the Amazon Echo Show. It’s a speaker with a screen that allows you to do all sorts of things. You can you set timers, schedule appointments and it displays the time like a regular alarm clock. You can also watch videos and play music. It is mainly designed to be controlled by your voice, which many of us fairly used to, with all of the other voice activated devices on the market in the last few years. Video calling and taking selfies are a breeze with its user friendly interface as well, so it’s a great product for people of all ages for communicating with friends or family. If you’d like to learn more about this useful gadget, click here.

The Best Portable Battery Packs that Will Give an Extra Life to Your Gadgets

Portable battery packs are becoming more handy with the amount of technology we carry with us daily for both work and play. While your smartphone’s battery used to last a few days, nowadays, it barely survives a full day of use. These battery packs (also called power banks) can have different capacities that will allow you to charge your phone multiple times.

Generally speaking, a battery pack with 5,000mAh will be able to fully charge your phone with some energy leftover. However, you should also be mindful of your phone’s charging port, in most flagship phones it’s USB-C or, regarding iPhone, the Lightning jack.

This is a perfect gift for those who travel or are on the go and need to stay charged up! If you have any questions regarding what’s best for you click here.

Password Managers: The Safest Choices

Many websites require you to have a user account to fully view its content. Everything from banking, social media sites, educational platforms, and email addresses. Most people will use same or similar passwords for multiple sites as they are easy to memorize. A child’s name, family pet, favorite color are commonly used, with capital letters or numbers to try and make them more secure. This can make very easy to hack your account.

By using a password manager program, like Dashlane or LastPass, which are two that we recommend, you can create one long master password, then the password manager tracks logins into your accounts or apps without you having to enter that site password. It’s a time saver and allows you to make complex passwords for each site. Click here to view the best password managers available.


Unlimited Remote Support Package

For only $35.00 + tax/month* per computer, our Unlimited Residential Support Package provides you with as many remote support appointments a month as you need, 24/7 computer health monitoring, and antivirus protection. It means that you never have to worry about wasting time or feeling frustrated over computer issues again. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one!

Whenever there’s a problem just let us know and we’ll have a technician log in as quickly as possible. For more information on our monthly unlimited remote package and how our service works, please click here:

*6 month minimum commitment


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