Set up a wireless network

A wireless, or Wi-Fi, network liberates your computer and its users. Wireless allows the ability to share files between PCs without being connected with a cable; multiple computer users can share the same Internet connection from different locations within a building. With a wireless network, you can also print without being directly connected to the printer.

What you need

So long as you have broadband Internet service (DSL or cable), all that’s required is a wireless router and a wireless network adapter for any desktop or laptop computer that doesn’t already have this technology under the hood. Nearly all laptops today include built-in high-speed wireless connectivity. Depending on the speed, wireless routers range from about $ 40.00 to $100.

Similarly, wireless adapters for laptops or desktops can also cost between $25 and $100, depending on the brand and speed.

In the case of a desktop or if the laptop does not have a built-in wireless adapter, then you can pick up a wireless NIC card or USB wireless adapter, both of which plug into their respective slot in the computer, so it can join the wireless network.